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  • Action CAM Experience

    This project will keep track of issues regarding Action CAM Experience.

  • Automation Laboratory Technology

    This project should serve to document and changes, problems, functions, and administrative tasks for Automation Laboratory Technology.

    • Public

      This is to share Automation Laboratory Technology Research & Development projects with the public.

  • GNet Solutions

    This is where I store the various solutions I have worked with. Please feel free to contribute or comment.

    • Android

      This is to track android related projects.

    • Cyclops

      Cyclops is a Django-based web frontend for the FlowCytometryTools python package.

    • FreeBSD Administration

      This sub project will manage and keep track of issues regarding FreeNAS and the FreeBSD Operating System.

    • GNU/Linux Administration

      This project is to provide documentation and collaboration for beginner to advanced GNU/Linux usages and problems.

    • Gaming

      This subproject is to track gaming related issues.

    • Hardware Hacking

      This subproject keeps track of hardware hacks such as wireless access points, NAS devices, and arduino based issues.

      • Arduino

        This subproject keeps track of Arduino and Arduino-related issues.

      • Intel Galileo

        This subproject will keep track of issues regarding the Intel Galileo.

      • Raspberry Pi

        All projects involving the Raspberry Pi ARM based System on a Chip.

    • OSX Administration

      This subproject will track issues for OSX related items.

    • OpenBSD Administration

      This subproject is to track OpenBSD related issues.

    • Randle Church of the Nazarene Camera Nework

      This project will cover the IP camera network for the Randle Church of the Nazarene.

    • Website Hosting

      This project is meant to keep track of website hosting by GNet Cyber Solutions.

    • Windows Administration

      This subproject is to document and track issues regarding Windows Administration, both workstations and servers.

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