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GNU/Linux Administration: Web Service Infrastructure Change
Our Web Services infrastructure have changed to multiple FreeBSD instances running Nginx, PostgreSQL, PHP, Ruby, and Nodejs. We hope our guides will help the community in some way.
Added by Daniel Curtis about 1 year ago

Automation Laboratory Technology: Web Services Have Been Load Balanced For High Availability
ALT Web Services has upgraded its infrastructure to allow for higher performance and reliability, by load-balancing its VPS servers.
Added by Daniel Curtis almost 3 years ago

Automation Laboratory Technology: File Sharing Service Outage
link.altservice.com crashed after a kernel upgrade. Checked the web application data storage drive using SMART, to find read issues. Data was migrated to the 3rd hard drive with rsync, however due to the nature of the error there were many read errors.
Added by Daniel Curtis over 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Action CAM Experience (11/27/2015 04:06 PM)

    This project will keep track of issues regarding Action CAM Experience.

  • Arduino (10/05/2015 11:08 AM)

    This subproject keeps track of Arduino and Arduino-related issues.

  • Intel Galileo (04/17/2015 01:42 PM)

    This subproject will keep track of issues regarding the Intel Galileo.

  • Android (02/17/2015 01:45 PM)

    This is to track android related projects.

  • Hardware Hacking (09/16/2014 04:58 PM)

    This subproject keeps track of hardware hacks such as wireless access points, NAS devices, and arduino based issues.