GNU/Linux Administration: Web Service Infrastructure Change

Added by Daniel Curtis almost 9 years ago

Our Web Services have evolved over the past couple years. Starting off with a single Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP server; now we have changed our web service infrastructure to multiple FreeBSD instances running Nginx, PostgreSQL, PHP, Ruby, and Nodejs. We hope our guides will help the community in some way.

Automation Laboratory Technology: File Sharing Service Outage

Added by Daniel Curtis about 11 years ago

On February 28th, 2013, crashed after an upgrade of the Linux kernel. This caused an error at boot time, hanging at the Splash screen with "Configuring Network Interfaces", yet the machine would not fully boot. The server did have a backup strategy in place, refer to #85, so web application files and databases were preserved; however the mail storage has not been fully restored yet. Also the OS installation was set up on a single partition, so I was unable to do an in-place re-installation, this has been set up in the new incarnation. For more details on the new server build, refer to #80 .


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