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Total time: 8.00 hours

Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Action CAM Experience01/07/2016Daniel CurtisDesignConsulting ACE over administrative functions of Magento; scanned hand drawn layouts into shared ACE owncloud folder; discuss adding instagram iframe into right callout block, look into iframe shim for callouts.1.50
Action CAM Experience12/03/2015Daniel CurtisDesignWorked on creation of ACE website; fixed ACE Theme content and layout, added rates, calendar, about us and contact us links and pages, fixed problem sameorigin problem with new video2.50
Action CAM Experience12/01/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentUpdate content and structure of ACE website; look further into Instagram and Twitter integration, added Event Calendar extension1.50
Action CAM Experience11/27/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSetup Mac G5 with OSX 10.5 with Final Cut Pro 2 Studio as supplimental ACE video editing workstation1.00
Action CAM Experience11/27/2015Daniel CurtisDesignUpdate content and structure of ACE website; resolve hung upgrade process, research magento instagram integration, create code block to add a links shim to the navigation menu1.50

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