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Problem With Mouse Not Clicking or Keyboard Not Responding on Mac OS9

Added by Daniel Curtis over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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I recently encountered a problem while setting up a Mac OS9 workstation. After a clean installation and booting into the desktop, I was unable to use the mouse to click on any icons or menu items, and the keyboard was unresponsive to commands.

After poking around a bit online, I decided to boot the workstation up in Safe Mode. This can be done by booting the machine while holding the Shift key, this will disable all unnecessary extensions.

When the workstation booted up to the desktop environment, I was able to click and use they keyboard in a normal manner. So it would appear that there was an issue with one of the extensions, but I did know which one.

From Safe Mode, go to Apple-icon -> Control Panels and open up Extensions Manager. Once the Extensions Manager is open, scroll down to the Extensions section.

Since I did not know which extension was causing the problem, I disabled the following extensions:
  • AirPort AP
  • AirPort AP Support
  • AirPort Driver
  • AppleShare
  • Classic RAVE
  • DVD AutoLauncher
  • DVD Navigation Manager ATI
  • DVD Navigation Manager NV
  • DVD Region Manager
  • DVD Video Interface
  • DVDRuntimeLib
  • NVIDIA 2D Acceleration
  • NVIDIA Driver
  • NVIDIA DVD Accelerator
  • NVIDIA Engine
  • OpenTpt Remote Access
  • OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator
  • QD3DCustomElements
  • QuickDraw 3D
  • QuickDraw 3D IR
  • QuickDraw 3D RAVE
  • QuickDraw 3D Viewer
  • QuickTime FireWire DV Enabler
  • QuickTime FireWire DV Support
  • QuickTime
  • QuickTime MPEG Extension
  • QuickTime Musical Instruments
  • QuickTime PowerPlug
  • QuickTime VR
  • Remote Only
  • Web Sharing Extension
  • NOTE: I found the extension causing the problem was the ATI Video Accelerator extension, disabling that fixed the issue. Disabling the above extensions did also fix the issue, I am assuming there was a conflict of extensions.

Then click on Restart to apply the changes. Once rebooted, I was able to click on icons and use the keyboard in a normal manner.



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