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Install RubyCAS on FreeBSD

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This is a guide on installing RubyCAS on FreeBSD 9.

Prepare the Environment

  • Make sure the system is up to date:
    pkg update && pkg upgrade
  • Install a few dependencies:
    pkg install git ruby ruby21-gems rubygem-bundler rubygem-rake
  • Create a rubycas user
    pw add user -n rubycas -m -s /bin/sh -c "RubyCAS" 

Install RubyCAS

  • Switch to the rubycas user:
    su - rubycas
  • Create a rubycas log file:
    touch /var/log/rubycas.log
    chown rubycas /var/log/rubycas.log
  • Download the latest RubyCAS files from GitHub:
    git clone git://
    cd rubycas-server
  • Create a new config from the sample config:
    cp config/config.example.yml config.yml
  • Edit the config.yml file. It is well commented but make sure that you take care of the following:
    vi config.yml
    1. Configure at least one authenticator
    2. Configure the databse connection.
    3. You might want to change log.file to /var/log/rubycas.log
    4. You might also want to disable SSL for now by commenting out the ssl_cert line and changing the port to something like 8888
  • Install the web app:
    bundle install --path vendor/bundle
  • Run the test server:
    bundle exec rubycas-server -c config.yml



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