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Install a Private World of Warcraft Classic Server on Debian

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This is a guide for installing a private World of Warcraft Server using CMaNGOS on Debian 8.

Prepare the environment

  • Make sure the system is up to date:
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Make a mangos user:
    adduser mangos
  • Install a few dependencies:
    sudo apt-get install grep build-essential gcc g++ automake git-core autoconf make patch cmake libmysql++-dev mysql-server libtool libssl-dev binutils zlibc libc6 libbz2-dev screen

Install CMaNGOS

  • Switch to the mangos user:
    sudo su - mangos
  • Clone the WoW Classic version of CMaNGOS:
    git clone git:// mangos
  • Clone ScriptDev2:
    git clone git:// mangos/src/bindings/ScriptDev2
  • Clone ACID:
    git clone git:// acid
  • Clone ClassicDB:
    git clone git:// classicdb
  • Compile CMaNGOS:
    cmake ../mangos -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=\../mangos/run -DINCLUDE_BINDINGS_DIR=ScriptDev2
    make install

Extract files from the WoW client

Install databases

  • Create the empty databases:
    mysql -uroot -p < mangos/sql/create_mysql.sql
  • This will create a user (name mangos, password mangos) with rights to the databases "mangos" (world-db), characters and realmd:
    mysql -uroot -p < mangos/src/bindings/ScriptDev2/sql/scriptdev2_create_database.sql
  • This will create the database "scriptdev2" which can be used by the "mangos" user created with the commands above:
    mysql -uroot -p scriptdev2 < mangos/src/bindings/ScriptDev2/sql/scriptdev2_create_structure_mysql.sql
  • Initialize Mangos database:
    mysql -uroot -p mangos < mangos/sql/mangos.sql
  • Initialize characters database:
    mysql -uroot -p characters < mangos/sql/characters.sql
  • Fill the World database by going into the classicDB directory then run
    cd classicdb 
  • Edit the created conf file InstallFullDB.config. See above on Installing UDB for explanation of the options.
    nano InstallFullDB.config
  • Rerun the installer script, invoke
  • Fill ScriptDev2 database:
    mysql -uroot -p scriptdev2 < mangos/src/bindings/ScriptDev2/sql/scriptdev2_script_full.sql

Configuring the WoW Client

  • Copy C:\World Of Warcraft\Data\enUS\** to realmlist.old within the same folder
  • Open in Notepad and change the contents to the following:
    set realmlist


  • Run mangosd in a screen:
    exec screen -dmS mangosd /home/mangos/mangos/run/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/mangos/run/etc/mangosd.conf -a /home/mangos/mangos/run/etc/ahbot.conf
  • And run realmd in separate screen:
    exec screen -dmS realmd /home/mangos/mangos/run/bin/realmd -c /home/mangos/mangos/run/etc/realmd.conf



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