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Synchronizing ownCloud Folders on Android With FolderSync

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This is a guide for setting up folder synchronization with an ownCloud instance using WebDAV with FolderSync lite on Android.

Setup the Software

  • Begin by downloading FolderSync lite from the PlayStore and installing on the Android device.
  • Get the WebDAV path from ownCloud, which can be found by logging into the ownCloud instance and clicking the option icon (usually a gear icon). Often it will look similar to

Configure Account

  • Now open the FolderSync app on the Android device and tap on Accounts and then Add Account.

Configure Folderpair

  • Start by going back to the main FolderSync menu, then tap on File Manager
  • Next create a folder called SyncFolder, this can be on the local storage or external SD card.
  • Go back to the main FolderSync menu, and tap on Folderpairs
  • Tap on Add Folderpair
    • Enter a unique name: ownCloud
    • Select the account created earlier: ownCloud
    • Enter the remote path on the ownCloud instance, then tap Select Folder: SyncFolder
    • Enter the local path to the folder created earlier: SyncFolder
    • Select the sync type: Two-way
    • Tap on Save when finished

NOTE: FolderSync is very robust in its configurability, such as scheduling and conflict management. So make sure to setup the extra options to suit your use case.

NOTE: FolderSync lite is free, however there is a paid version. If you like the software please support its development :)

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