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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Action CAM Experience01/07/2016Daniel CurtisDesignConsulting ACE over administrative functions of Magento; scanned hand drawn layouts into shared ACE owncloud folder; discuss adding instagram iframe into right callout block, look into iframe shim for callouts.1.50
Action CAM Experience12/03/2015Daniel CurtisDesignWorked on creation of ACE website; fixed ACE Theme content and layout, added rates, calendar, about us and contact us links and pages, fixed problem sameorigin problem with new video2.50
Action CAM Experience11/27/2015Daniel CurtisDesignUpdate content and structure of ACE website; resolve hung upgrade process, research magento instagram integration, create code block to add a links shim to the navigation menu1.50
Action CAM Experience12/01/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentUpdate content and structure of ACE website; look further into Instagram and Twitter integration, added Event Calendar extension1.50
Action CAM Experience11/27/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSetup Mac G5 with OSX 10.5 with Final Cut Pro 2 Studio as supplimental ACE video editing workstation1.00
Android12/24/2017Daniel CurtisTroubleshootingSupport #914: Remove Factory Reset Protection on a Samsung Tab ESetup, document and troubleshoot Remove Factory Reset Protection on a Samsung Tab E2.50
Android05/18/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #812: Synchronize Android Calendar and Contacts With ownCloudSetup, troubleshoot, and document Synchronize Android Calendar and Contacts With ownCloud1.00
Android01/10/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #716: Install ChatSecure on AndroidSetup, document and troubleshoot Install ChatSecure on Android0.50
Android04/22/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #605: Synchronizing ownCloud Folders on Android With FolderSyncSetup, document, and troubleshoot Synchronizing ownCloud Folders on Android With FolderSync1.00
Arduino10/05/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #669: Add Support for Adafruit Trinket in Arduino IDESetup, troubleshoot, and document Adding Support for Adafruit Trinket in Arduino IDE2.00
Automation Laboratory Technology07/24/2019Daniel CurtisMaintenanceOffice work; answer office calls, respond to emails, process bills, estimates, sales orders, and/or invoices3.00
Automation Laboratory Technology08/30/2018Daniel CurtisMaintenanceClean and test FCS flow cell cuvette4.00
Automation Laboratory Technology12/01/2017Daniel CurtisMaintenanceWork on clearing off lab workbench to prepare for incoming Canto I1.50
Automation Laboratory Technology10/19/2017Daniel CurtisMaintenanceWork on LSRII instruments; clean sheath tanks, connect workstations, collect Redi-Check QA results for H48xx30, send results to potential customer2.00
Automation Laboratory Technology09/14/2017Daniel CurtisMaintenanceClean shop bays where both Canto 1 V07300201 and V07300224 were worked on, place Canto 1 V07300161 on table for service work to be performed1.00
Automation Laboratory Technology09/06/2017Daniel CurtisMaintenanceWork on Canto I 2 laser to 3 laser upgrade; repartition workstation hard drive to add D: partition and migrate Diva database over to D: partition, run final QA on instrument before crating2.50
Automation Laboratory Technology05/05/2017Daniel CurtisMaintenancePerformance testing and reassembly of Accuri components and chassis, realignment of red laser2.50
Automation Laboratory Technology03/24/2017Daniel CurtisMaintenanceFinalize packing Fortessa and accessories into trailer, verify all accessories are included and packed securely into trailer for delivery.1.50
Automation Laboratory Technology03/20/2017Daniel CurtisMaintenanceWrap and package Fortessa and accessories for relocation2.50
Automation Laboratory Technology07/14/2016Daniel CurtisMaintenanceOil change on villager van1.00
Automation Laboratory Technology05/03/2016Daniel CurtisMaintenanceAssist in lawn maintenance at the warehouse facility3.50
Automation Laboratory Technology05/02/2016Daniel CurtisMaintenanceAssist in digging hole for Pack & Ship ethernet connection6.00
Automation Laboratory Technology04/26/2016Daniel CurtisMaintenanceAssist in digging trench and laying cable for home office gigabit connection; run 400 foot connection from home office to backbone gigabit switch4.00
Automation Laboratory Technology04/25/2016Daniel CurtisMaintenanceAssist in digging trench for home office gigabit connection2.00
Automation Laboratory Technology11/22/2017Daniel CurtisUpdatingUpdating ALT workstations2.00
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