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Website Hosting01/08/2013Daniel CurtisDesignFeature #18: Lasers pageAdded links in Lasers page0.10
FreeBSD Administration02/14/2015Daniel CurtisDocumentationSupport #397: Install phpMyAdmin with nginx on FreeBSDDocumented Install phpMyAdmin with nginx on FreeBSD; cleaned up content0.10
FreeBSD Administration02/14/2015Daniel CurtisDocumentationBug #392: Sed -i Not Working on FreeBSDDocumented Sed -i Not Working on FreeBSD; updated content0.10
FreeBSD Administration02/14/2015Daniel CurtisDocumentationFeature #387: Enabling Root Login Over SSH on FreeBSDDocumented Enabling Root Login Over SSH on FreeBSD; added big scary warning0.10
GNU/Linux Administration09/08/2015Daniel CurtisUpdatingSupport #553: Install PostgreSQL on DebianSetup, troubleshoot, and document Install PostgreSQL on Debian; updated and fixed content0.20
GNU/Linux Administration08/25/2015Daniel CurtisUpdatingSupport #509: Install Yaourt on Arch LinuxUpdated Install Yaourt on Arch Linux; corrected AUR path to new location0.20
Website Hosting06/09/2014Daniel CurtisTroubleshootingBug #401: Redmine Error Sending EmailTroubleshoot and documented Redmine Error Sending Email0.20
FreeBSD Administration05/25/2014Daniel CurtisTroubleshootingBug #392: Sed -i Not Working on FreeBSDTroubleshoot and document Sed -i Not Working on FreeBSD0.20
GNU/Linux Administration09/07/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #656: Create a Favicon Image From A PNG File Using ImageMagickDocument Create a Favicon Image From A PNG File Using ImageMagick0.20
GNU/Linux Administration03/02/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopment#51Disable SuPHP processing of web applications installed through package manager0.20
Website Hosting03/02/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #86: Error While Backing Up MySQL Using rsnapshot and mysqldumpMissing the debian-sys-maint user in MySQL user table0.20
GNU/Linux Administration08/25/2015Daniel CurtisDocumentationFeature #643: Using Sed To Add Spaces To The Beginning Of Each Line Of A FileDocumented Using Sed To Add Spaces To Each Line Of A File0.20
Website Hosting11/18/2014Daniel CurtisDocumentationFeature #478: Force WordPress Logins and Admin Interface to Use SSLDocumented Force WordPress Logins and Admin Interface to Use SSL0.20
GNU/Linux Administration05/25/2014Daniel CurtisDocumentationFeature #394: Comment And Uncomment All Lines in a Linux File with SedDocumenting Comment And Uncomment All Lines in a Linux File with Sed0.20
GNU/Linux Administration07/25/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #150: Perl Warning Setting Locale Failed on Debian Linux ContainerReconfigured locale for Virtual Web Server 10.30
GNet Solutions03/17/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #98: Configure OpenLDAP Server on UbuntuInstalled phpLDAPAdmin on auth.altservice.com0.30
Windows Administration06/13/2017Daniel CurtisMaintenanceSupport #897: Install Chocolatey on Windows 10Install chocolatey on admin0 and admin10.50
Automation Laboratory Technology09/26/2016Daniel CurtisUpdatingDisable windows 10 spyware, adware, and telemetry for user using MakeWindows10GreatAgain script0.50
FreeBSD Administration08/31/2015Daniel CurtisUpdatingSupport #647: Install JSbin On FreeBSDSetup, document, and troubleshoot Install JSbin On FreeBSD; added sections for instance spawning with PM2 and created FreeBSD boot script0.50
FreeBSD Administration08/27/2015Daniel CurtisUpdatingSupport #633: Install Magento on an Nginx FreeBSD Web ServerUpdated document content to Install Magento on an Nginx FreeBSD Web Server0.50
FreeBSD Administration04/20/2015Daniel CurtisUpdatingSupport #475: Using Getmail on FreeBSDSetup, document, and troubleshoot Using Getmail on FreeBSD; updated getmail script0.50
Intel Galileo04/17/2015Daniel CurtisUpdatingSupport #429: Setup an Arduino / Intel Galileo Development Environment on LinuxSetup, document, and troubleshoot Setting Up A Intel Galileo Development Environment for Linux0.50
GNU/Linux Administration12/12/2014Daniel CurtisUpdatingSupport #448: Experimenting with ZFSDocumented Experimenting with ZFS; corrected content errors0.50
FreeBSD Administration09/16/2018Daniel CurtisTroubleshootingSupport #943: Out of inodes Error Message on FreeBSDTroubleshoot and document Out of inodes Error Message on FreeBSD0.50
Windows Administration09/03/2018Daniel CurtisTroubleshootingBug #942: Fast Boot Causing Problem With Dual Booting Linux MountsTroubleshoot and document Fast Boot Causing Problem With Dual Booting Linux Mounts0.50
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