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GNU/Linux Administration08/19/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #174: Integrated Kerberos OpenLDAP provider on Debian 7Created centralized authorization and user directory information server on lxc-auth212.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/20/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #175: Kerberizing phpLDAPAdmin on Debian 7Add Kerberos authentication to phpLDAPadmin on lxc-auth20.50
GNU/Linux Administration08/20/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #176: Installing Puppet Dashboard on Debian 7Trouble initially setting up Puppet Dashboard. Finished after following tutorial on Debian site.6.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/20/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #177: Installing Web Server For ISPConfig on Debian 7Setup, configured, and documented Installing Web Server For ISPConfig for lxc-web1, lxc-web2, lxc-web3, and lxc-web44.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/20/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #178: Installing Mail Server For ISPConfig on Debian 7Setup, configured, troubleshot and documented Installing Mail Server For ISPConfig for lxc-submail3.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/20/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #179: Installing MySQL Database Server for ISPConfig on Debian 7Setup, configured, troubleshot and documented Installing MySQL Database Server for ISPConfig for lxc-db1 and lxc-db22.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/21/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #184: Enabling Unused PowerPC CPU on DebianEnabled 2nd CPU on PPC-NAS0.50
GNU/Linux Administration09/12/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #191: Problem With Puppet Nodes Not Connecting To Puppet MasterClearing hung puppet state.0.50
Website Hosting04/25/2014Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #196: Adding Redmine to a Centralized Memcache ServerOptimimze session caching0.50
Website Hosting09/15/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #196: Adding Redmine to a Centralized Memcache ServerFixed broken memcache implementation1.00
GNU/Linux Administration09/16/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #197: Installing ZoneMinder on DebianSetup and configured zoneminder and web cams for ALT.1.00
GNU/Linux Administration09/16/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #198: Installing apt-cacher-ng on DebianSetup APT caching server for ALT DMZ network1.50
GNU/Linux Administration09/17/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #199: Fresh Debian Installation Stalls at Boot TimeFixed hard drive physical setting from MASTER to CABLE SELECT, causing boot problems on VPS hosting server.0.50
GNU/Linux Administration09/27/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #207: Vanilla Arch Linux Base InstallationInstalled Arch Linux Base System2.00
GNU/Linux Administration09/27/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #208: Adding A Dedicated Drive To Zoneminder in DebianAdded dedicated hard drive to Zoneminder Camera Service lxc-zm1.00
Website Hosting10/08/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #211: Adding Memcache Support to MagentoTroubleshoot and documented problems getting Magento sessions to save to Memcached3.00
Website Hosting10/07/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #211: Adding Memcache Support to MagentoSetup, configured and documented using memcached on parts21.00
GNU/Linux Administration10/18/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #217: MySQL Master-Slave ReplicationSetup and documented MySQL Master-Slave Replication1.00
GNU/Linux Administration10/21/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #219: MySQL Master-Master ReplicationSetup, configure, and documented Master-Master MySQL load balancing6.00
GNU/Linux Administration12/27/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #221: Fixing Broken MySQL Slave ReplicationRe-synchronized master master replication between lxc-db1 and lxc-db21.00
Windows Administration11/01/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #225: Problem Viewing Selected Items in QuickBooks Due to Poor Contrast Color SchemeCorrected QuickBooks color scheme0.50
GNU/Linux Administration12/17/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #231: Managing Multiple Upgrades on Multiple Servers Using a Simple Shell ScriptTweaked the script to run update and upgrade commands separately0.50
GNU/Linux Administration11/22/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #237: Problem Setting Up XRDP on LubuntuSet up remote desktop connection server on dev70.50
GNet Solutions11/23/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #239: Glossary of Android Smartphone DefinitionsDocumented Android definitions0.50
GNet Solutions11/25/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #241: Installing CyanogenMod on HTC Evo 4GDowngraded ROM, performed carrier wipe, activated phone, upgraded ROM1.00
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