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Total time: 4191.00 hours

Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Automation Laboratory Technology12/21/2017Daniel CurtisDevelopmentLocate Redi-Flush box and partition vendor1.00
Automation Laboratory Technology12/20/2017Daniel CurtisDevelopmentLocate thrust bearing and sprint backed seal vendors1.50
Automation Laboratory Technology10/24/2017Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSetup and configure LSRII replacement Windows XP w/ Diva 5.0.3 workstation for contract customer2.50
Automation Laboratory Technology05/02/2017Daniel CurtisDevelopmentDesign ALT fluidic valve control board3.50
Automation Laboratory Technology05/01/2017Daniel CurtisDevelopmentDesign ALT fluidic valve control board2.50
Automation Laboratory Technology01/27/2017Daniel CurtisDevelopmentResearch and develop serial logging device; work on logic for storing serial data buffer to file on SD card2.00
Automation Laboratory Technology01/19/2017Daniel CurtisDevelopmentResearch Data Acquisition platform for development of further projects1.00
Automation Laboratory Technology01/10/2017Daniel CurtisDevelopmentResearch, develop, and test Cyclops functions and features; working on adding gating trasformations, minor code corrections1.50
Automation Laboratory Technology01/09/2017Daniel CurtisDevelopmentResearch matplotlib functionality and API to better understand its MATLAB and plotting functionality1.50
Automation Laboratory Technology10/03/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentOffice work; answer office calls, respond to emails, process bills, estimates, sales orders, and/or invoices 3.50
Automation Laboratory Technology09/01/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentWork on vortran interface circuit PCB; redesign PCB from THT to SMT; repackage BoM, Gerber, and XYPS files and resubmit them for quotes to fabrication vendor1.50
Automation Laboratory Technology08/31/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentOffice work; answer office calls, respond to emails, process bills, estimates, sales orders, and/or invoices2.50
Automation Laboratory Technology08/25/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentWork on development of ALT Vortran Laser Power Supply; finish BoM, CAM, and XYRS files in order to submit for quote1.50
Automation Laboratory Technology04/11/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentQuality assurance testing for manufactured laser heat sinks; found 2 heat sinks that were not up to quality standards.1.00
Automation Laboratory Technology04/06/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentOffice work; answer office calls, respond to emails, process bills, estimates, sales orders, and/or invoices1.50
Automation Laboratory Technology02/18/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentTake detailed pictures of ALT stream cam, cleaned dust and fingerprints off of LCD monitor, install and test stream cam on LSRII1.00
Automation Laboratory Technology02/12/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentResearch and development of Chimera DLP 3D printer design; modified Mitsubishi XD221U projector, removed UV filter, removed focus limiter screw, trimmed focusing tab to allow closer focusing2.00
Automation Laboratory Technology02/03/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentOffice work; answer office calls, respond to emails, locate unknown parts based item numbers1.00
Automation Laboratory Technology01/28/2016Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSetup and test admin network connection in Pack & Ship office; successful retest bluray burning0.50
Automation Laboratory Technology12/28/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentResearch & development meeting with Tony over 3D printer specifications; discussed 96-well chiller design variations1.50
Automation Laboratory Technology11/17/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentResearch, develop, and debug proof of concept code for arduino master/slave bluetooth connection; create and debug serial bluetooth communication link, no working code at this time5.50
Automation Laboratory Technology11/16/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentCreated fresh 2016 ALT QuickBooks file on QB Cleanup VM and imported cleaned Accounts, Vendor, Customer, and Item Lists; beginning SOP for Yearly Company QuickBook Migration2.50
Automation Laboratory Technology10/15/2015Daniel CurtisDevelopmentPrepare HP Z220 workstation for temporary replacement for Providence Portland virtual machine host, added 2TB hard drive, installed VirtualBox 52.00
Automation Laboratory Technology09/03/2014Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #449: Internal Audit Procedure for ALTInitial time spent for 2012 ALT Audit and Filing.4.00
Automation Laboratory Technology08/20/2014Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #449: Internal Audit Procedure for ALTCumulative time spent for 2011 ALT Audit and Filing82.00
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