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GNet Solutions07/08/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #139: Rooting a Samsung SCH-I500 Mesmerize US Cellular Android Smartphone the Hard WayCould not root new phone directly, had to load Clockwork Recovery ROM and load CyanogenMod Android7.00
GNU/Linux Administration07/09/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #132: Lightweight VPS Server with LXC on Debian 7 WheezyProblem connecting out from virtual container; DNS was being sent to virtual router and not the real, DMZ router.1.00
Website Hosting07/12/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #143: Problem Accessing PhpMyAdmin to Virtual Database Server Running Lighttpd Had to install php5-cgi package to allow PhpMyAdmin to work.0.50
Website Hosting07/16/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopment#144Had to correct a configuration error that was denying access to the puppet master database.0.50
GNU/Linux Administration07/22/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopment#147Fixed RAID array on PPC-NAS, filesystem errors were causing file transfers to fail.1.00
Website Hosting07/24/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #148: Syntax Error Causing Passenger on Apache to Break RedmineTroubleshoot and documented Error Causing Passenger on Apache to Break Redmine0.50
GNU/Linux Administration07/25/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #150: Perl Warning Setting Locale Failed on Debian Linux ContainerReconfigured locale for Virtual Web Server 10.30
Website Hosting07/25/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #85: Backing Up with Rsnapshot & Snapshots Of MySQL DatabasesSetup backup of Virtual Web Server 1 to DMZ NAS01.00
GNU/Linux Administration07/30/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #151: I/O Error Trying to Install Lubuntu With USB BootloaderFinally determined I/O error preventing the reinstallation of Lubuntu4.00
GNU/Linux Administration07/31/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #152: Wireless Networks Not Seen After Installing Lubuntu 13.04Troubleshoot and documented Wireless Networks Not Seen After Installing Lubuntu 13.040.50
GNU/Linux Administration08/01/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #154: Error Connecting to New Virtualized Mail ServerFinally tracked the problem of getmail not fetching new messages from external server3.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/01/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #155: Configure APC UPS to Communicate with Ubuntu/DebianSetup and documented Configuring APC UPS to Communicate with Ubuntu/Debian1.00
GNet Solutions08/02/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #48: GRUB Overwritten/Corrupted on USB DiskReinstalled grub bootloader and boot partition.0.50
GNU/Linux Administration08/07/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #161: Dynamic DNS with DynDNS on DebianAdded ddclient and noip2 to update IP address to DynDNS and NoIP respectively.1.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/07/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentBug #159: Mail Server Not Getting Mail From External ServerTroubleshoot and documented Mail Server Not Getting Mail From External Server0.50
GNU/Linux Administration08/08/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #162: Installing OpenLDAP with phpLDAPAdmin on DebianSet up OpenLDAP on ALT Directory server2.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/08/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #163: Installing Kerberos 5 on DebianSetup Kerberos server on ALT Directory Server2.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/09/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #164: Centralized User Authentication and Information Using OpenLDAP and Kerberos on DebianSet up Centralized Authentication and Authorization on ALT Virtual Directory server2.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/12/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #166: Backing Up LDAP Directory With RsnapshotAdded LDAP backup to lxc-auth20.50
GNU/Linux Administration08/12/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #167: Backing Up and Restoring Kerberos DatabaseAdded Kerberos backup to lxc-auth20.50
GNU/Linux Administration08/19/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #174: Integrated Kerberos OpenLDAP provider on Debian 7Created centralized authorization and user directory information server on lxc-auth212.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/20/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #176: Installing Puppet Dashboard on Debian 7Trouble initially setting up Puppet Dashboard. Finished after following tutorial on Debian site.6.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/20/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentFeature #175: Kerberizing phpLDAPAdmin on Debian 7Add Kerberos authentication to phpLDAPadmin on lxc-auth20.50
GNU/Linux Administration08/20/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #177: Installing Web Server For ISPConfig on Debian 7Setup, configured, and documented Installing Web Server For ISPConfig for lxc-web1, lxc-web2, lxc-web3, and lxc-web44.00
GNU/Linux Administration08/20/2013Daniel CurtisDevelopmentSupport #178: Installing Mail Server For ISPConfig on Debian 7Setup, configured, troubleshot and documented Installing Mail Server For ISPConfig for lxc-submail3.00
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