Feature #789

Updated by Daniel Curtis over 4 years ago

I recently tried to install PostgreSQL in a FreeNAS 9.10 jail, only to see that SysVIPC must be enabled in the jail for it to work. This is a simple procedure for enabling SysVIPC in a FreeNAS 9.10 jail.

h2. Enable SysVIPC on the Host

* Log into the FreeNAS administration panel and go to +System -> Tunables+

* Next click +Add Tunable+ and add the following:
*# Variable: *security.jail.sysvipc_allowed*
*# Value: *1*
*# Type: *Sysctl*
*# Comment: *Enable SysVIPC*
*# Enabled: *[X]*

* *Reboot* the FreeNAS machine, just to be safe.

h2. Create a SysVIPC Enabled Jail

* From the FreeNAS administration interface, go to +Jails+.

* Next click +Add Jail+ and add the following:
#* Jail Name: **
#* Sysctls: *allow.sysvipc=1*
*NOTE*: Make sure if appending the sysctl to additional options to use +comma separation+, example @allow.raw_sockets=true,allow.sysvipc=1@

* Click *OK*

Now the will have SysVIPC available for programs to use.