Feature #773

Updated by Daniel Curtis over 4 years ago

Emailing links of currently browsed URLs to various people using the default mail application should be a basic function for a web browser. Unfortunately, Chrome and it's open source counterpart Chromium do not possess this feature; however it is easy to add this basic functionality using a JavaScript bookmarklet.

* Open *Chrome* or *Chromium*

* Right-click the +Bookmarks+ bar and select *Add Page*.
*# In the *Name* text box add:
Send Link
*# In the *URL* URL text box add:

* Make sure that the +Bookmarks+ bar folder is selected and click *OK*.

* (OR) just drag this link to your +Bookmarks+ bar &quot;Send Link&quot;:javascript:location.href=&#39;mailto:?SUBJECT=&#39;+document.title+&#39;&amp;BODY=&#39;+escape(location.href);

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