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Updated by Daniel Curtis over 4 years ago

This is a simple guide on how I setup both FedEx and USPS shipping on Magento 1.9.

h2. Developer API Credentials

* Log into the "FedEx Web Services":

* Click on *Develop and Test* and then *Get your test key* then fill out the +required form+ and accept the +license agreement+. An email containing the test user account information will be emailed to the accounts registered email address.

* When the test connection has succeeded, go ahead and click on *Move to production* and then click *Get production key* to obtain the required account information.

h2. Setup FedEx API Connection

* Log into the Magento admin interface,

* Go to +System -> Configuration+ and click on *Shipping Methods*.

* Click *FedEx* to expand the settings panel.
*# Enabled for Checkout: *Yes*
*# Title: Federal Express
*# Account ID: ••••••
*# Meter Number: ••••••
*# Key: ••••••
*# Password: ••••••

* Click *Save* to apply the settings.

Once the production API connection has been setup, all orders will now have the shipping options provided by FedEx.

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