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Install Quassel Core on FreeBSD

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This is a guide on how to setup a Quassel Core server on FreeBSD 10.

Prepare the Environment

  • Make sure the system is up to date:
    pkg update && pkg upgrade
  • Make sure the ports tree is up to date:
    portsnap fetch extract
  • Install a few dependencies:
    pkg install portmaster qt5-sql pkgconf pkg qmake qt5-buildtools qt5-core glib libiconv gettext-tools indexinfo gmake pcre icu qt5-sqldrivers-sqlite3 sqlite3 cmake libarchive liblz4 lzo2 expat cmake-modules jsoncpp scons m4 py27-setuptools27 python2 curl-7.51.0_1 ca_root_nss py27-sphinx py27-Jinja2 py27-babel py27-pytz py27-MarkupSafe py27-six py27-imagesize py27-alabaster py27-docutils py27-pygments py27-snowballstemmer py27-pystemmer py27-sphinx_rtd_theme qca-qt5 gnupg npth gnutls libtasn1 trousers autoconf autoconf-wrapper help2man p5-Locale-gettext automake automake-wrapper libtool libassuan libgpg-error libgcrypt libksba pinentry pinentry-tty qt5-script qt5-network libproxy

Install Quassel Core

  • Install quassel from ports:
    portmaster irc/quassel-core
    • NOTE: Make sure to unset [ ]MONO and [ ]CLIENT when configuring quassel.
  • Enable quassel at boot:
    echo 'quasselcore_enable="YES"' >> /etc/rc.conf
  • Generate an SSL certificate:
    service quasselcore keygen
  • Start quasselcore:
    service quasselcore start

NOTE: Quassel runs on port 4242, make sure the port is open on your firewall.



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